45 at 45 Live Virtual Conversation between Rina Banerjee and Alison Saar
L.A. Louver
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
2pm (PT) / 5pm (ET)

Kicking off the start of L.A. Louver's group show "45 at 45," Banerjee and Saar will discuss their works in the exhibition, touching on themes of gender, cultural identity and materiality followed by a live Q&A with the audience. The conversation will be moderated by L.A. Louver Director Kimberly Davis.

Available to view here.

Fine Arts Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Rina Banerjee
Presented by
The University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Artist's Perspective: Conversation with Rina Banerjee and Mark Scala_
Frist Art Museum
Friday October 9, 2020

Rina Banerjee joins chief curator Mark Scala in conversation about the exhibition Make Me a Summary of the World. Learn more about Banerjee’s artistic practice and how exhibiting at the Frist Art Museum, which occupies Nashville’s former main post office, symbolizes the ideal of egalitarian communication that is at the core of her work. This program will be presented on Zoom.

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Space 118 On Making: Rina Banerjee
August 30, 2020

Space 118 presents On Making, 2020 – a series of talks that delve into the age-old query of “how do we make?”

Whether their making is concerned with sculptures, exhibitions, spaces, or books – we invite artists and curators to trace the arc their methodologies have taken to this day, and probe how these might respond to the changing contours of tomorrow.

Rina Banerjee will take us through this heterogenous practice explored in her retrospective Make Me a Summary of the World – which closed in March 2019 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts now showing at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. She is joined in conversation by Phalguni Guliani and Saloni Doshi.

Available to view here.

'Exposer to who across the world? Deviation away from centre'
Center of International Modern Art
August 24, 2020

CIMA presents 'Exposer to who across the world? Deviation away from centre Exposer to who across the world, and who among us find rare shelter, frightened too by our migration, deviation away from center when pencil puts each day that land holds above water sky reaches above both and bundles of commerce as bubbles painted release free' with internationally-acclaimed artist Rina Banerjee, Romita Ray, Associate Professor of Art History, Syracuse University, and Rakhi Sarkar, Director, CIMA.

Available to view here.

at home: Artists in Conversation - Rina Banerjee
Yale Center for British Art
August 14, 2020

Rina Banerjee, artist (Yale MFA 1995), in conversation with Rachel Stratton, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center

Lively and inspiring conversations with some of today’s most notable artists. at home: Artists in Conversation brings together curators and artists to discuss various artistic practices and insights into their work.

Rina Banerjee has lent two works for display in the Center’s upcoming exhibition Art in Focus: Women From the Center that tie together themes explored in the exhibition and capture the essence of all art-making: the human imagination.

In Conversation: Rina Banerjee and Chief Curator Claire Gilman
The Drawing Center
June 17, 2020

The Drawing Center’s Chief Curator, Claire Gilman, and artist Rina Banerjee for a conversation about the medium of drawing as a vehicle for exploring issues of identity, equity, human entanglement and interconnection, and globalism and migration.

Available to view here.

PAFA Pours: Infection, Migration, and Material in Rina Banerjee’s Work
PAFA - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
May 14, 2020

A conversation with PAFA’s Curator of Contemporary Art Jodi Throckmorton with Marla Berns (Director, Fowler Museum at UCLA) and Lauren Dickens (Senior Curator, San José Museum of Art) on how Banerjee connects migration, globalized markets, and worldwide pandemics in her work.

Available to view here.

Coffee with a Curator
MOCA Jacksonville
May 8, 2020

Artist Rina Banerjee in conversation with MOCA Senior Curator Ylva Rouse discusses the inspiration behind her 2020 Project Atrium installation titled “Irresistible, irreplaceable Earth, open over interior screams, shouting in folds creased by vapors that thread fire and earth, between ground and sky; Masculine Mythologies play upon us, heavy and heaving, as the Feminine escapes, the embers beneath breathing, to tired exile” at MOCA Jacksonville.

Available to view here.