Gallery Nathalie Obadia
Paris, France & Brussels, Belgium

Natalie Obadia has been working with Rina Banerjee as early as 2005. Banerjee's projects with her Paris gallery include a solo exhibition at the Musee Guimet 2011-12, "Art Unlimited" in Basel Basel 2008, and Maison Guerlain exhibition 2014.

Human Traffic, 2015
Creastionism's Kiss, 2012
Imagining the other half of the world from here, 2011
Look into my eyes and you will see a world unexplainable - out of place, 2009
Foreign Fruit, 2007

L.A. Louver
L.A. Louver gallery, located in Venice Beach, California, is Rina Banerjee's first west coast gallery. Banerjee's inaugural solo exhibition, "Disgust," was on view May 8 - June 28, 2014. "Disgust" explores the representation of the abject female body, it's reference to animal and histories of hygiene, ornamentation, and ethnography address the cultural preoccupation of women as a subject of the gaze. The exhibit was reviewed in the LA Times by David Pagel.
Disgust, 2014
Group Show, 2013

OTA Fine Arts
OTA Gallery located in both the heart of Tokyo and a new location in Singapore at Gilmore Barracks. Banerjee's first solo exhibition was in Tokyo, entitled "What am I made of and how do you know my name?" The drawings and sculptures exhibited refer to the materials used in gardening and the zoo. Her work addresses Colonial histories of public entertainment in urban sites.

Banerjee's recent solo exhibition in the Singapore location was on view from January 23 to March 21, 2015. Entitled "Migrations Mist," this show references her continued interest in Colonial histories informing contemporary urban sites where migrations from diverse cultures are deposited.
Tokyo, Japan & Singapore, Malasia
Migration's Breath, Tokyo, 2017
What am I made of and how do you know my name?, Tokyo, 2013
Migration's Breath, Singapore, 2015
Vivid Strata: New Representations of Asia, Singapore, 2013

Hosfelt Gallery
Human Likeness, 2017 is Banerjee's first solo exhibition at this San Francisco gallery. The exhibit includes drawings and sculptures that reflect, rehearse, and recreate what is human in an age of growing migrations, relocations, exile, and displacement.
20th Anniversary Exhibition, 2016
Tender Mahal - Lifted, 2013
Look Both Ways, 2012