Installations & Exhibits > India Art Fair 2016

Hosfelt Gallery at the India Art Fair
New Delhi, India
January 28-31, 2016

"The Body–that everything that could be something could also be nothing" Solo Exhibit

There was no thirst for her, no essential belonging. She was a body without organs, of no mind, without brain, no heart, no liver, no need of her own, a vessel dried of all being. When tipped to be poured at command would lean its back to a timeless emptying. This she was a storage for new birth, a girlless birth on command, a shelf to lay humanities DNA. A thing before currency. The Uncatchable drink before true thirst. When will she rise.

"Unthinkable skirt"
Ink, acrylic, 23 kt gold & copper on paper
14 x 10"
"More like turkey no turtle she scattered her verbal"
ink, acrylic, 23 kt gold & copper on paper
14 x 10"
"Ugly boy..."
Acrylic and Ink on watercolor paper
30 x 22"
"Beast of Dispossession"
Acrylic and gold ink on wood panel
15 x 12"
"Friendly Fire"
Mixed Media
48 x 36 x 24"