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55th Venice Biennale 2013

Venice, Italy

Glasstress exhibition at the Palazo Cavilli Franchetti (also The Istituto Veneto diScienze Lettere ed Arti Arts) located at the foot of the Acedemi Bridge just on the Grand Canal, curated by James Putman & Adriano Berengo. The Glasstress exhibition displayed 70 artworks and 30 works in the Pallazo highlight of the exhibition. Artist incude Tracy Emin, Cai Guo-Qiang, Micheal Joo, Mat Collishaw, John Isaacs, Paul Fry,Cornelia Parker, Thomas Shutte,Mimmo Paladino, Joyce Scott, Tim Noble, Polly Apfelbaum, Joanna Vasconcelos, Zhan Wang, Karim Rashid and many others.

The project was envisioned to bring artists to see glass a way of working with its materials and process that have developed with the history of Murano Glass since the Middle Ages.

55th Venice Biennial 2013, GLASSTRESS EXHIBITION, curated by James Putman & Adriano Berengo
55th Venice Biennale 2013
Installation: “In the Darkest Blossom was a Mythical Beast, Mythical Island, Mythical Sea”