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Tsumari-Echigo Exhibition 3rd Triennial, 2006, Japan

The artist collected distinctive materials which represented the village and the place, and made the shape of the Taj Mahal in a way that was unique to this place. “I felt that Hachi is appropriate for the work, a lively place which created and nurtured a particular culture and shared them. It is also a place for creating small gardens, cooking, and working with bamboo, fabrics and eternity. The former primary school is a quiet and unforgettable place. This Taj Mahal became very unique with the charm of local people.” (Rina Banerjee)

Photographed by Kazue Kawase

Tsumari-Echigo Exhibition 3rd Triennial 2006
Tsumari-Echigo Exhibition 3rd Triennial 2006
Installation: "Lure of Place"