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Media: Media: Bottles, fans, cowrie shells, dancing bells, glass vials, Texas Long horn steer skulls, porcelain, sarees, pewter toy soldiers, plastic animals and soldiers, stones, moss, globe, Chinese tea-straining spoons, feathers, crochet lace, glass light bulbs

Yokohoma Triennale 2011:
How Much of the World Can We Know?

August 6 - November 6, 2011

Yokohama, Japan

The exhibition focused on phenomena that, despite scientific progress, still cannot be explained and also shed light on marginalized values. Incorporating works from the museum collection made it possible to provide a different context from that of past events. Despite the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the triennale opened according to plan. Special tie-up programs with local NPOs, introducing artist-initiated and residency-based projects, were also set up to coincide with the event.

Yokohoma Triennale 2011
Yokohoma Triennale 2011
Installation: "I'll get you my pretty!"